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CasaDante_1It’s difficult to capture the brightness and brilliance of natural daylight using artificial light.  However, today artificial light can be manipulated in such a way as to closely match natural light when and where necessary.

There is a trend toward using as much natural light as possible in our buildings and spaces, and I am in agreement with that direction.  I would suggest, however, that artificial light be considered for spaces within our buildings where it is difficult to capture the brilliance of natural light.  Artificial light can also be used to enhance natural light on days when natural daylight appears dim and clouded.

The following are a few ways to ensure you get the most out of your lighting:

  • Do your homework; research the types of lighting that are available
  • Seek the advice of an expert in lighting
  • Use a dimmer to create ambience
  • Use energy saving lamps
  • Ensure the lighting you choose matches your interior space

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