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What a pleasure it is to walk into a newly redesigned and rebuilt home. The changes are outstanding and it really feels like a new home. The dark claustrophobic spaces are all gone and replaced with great bright open concept interiors.

It took a lot of talent and imagination on your part to come up with the concept you presented to us. It all worked out like you described that it would. It is one thing to look at the drawings and another to see the finished product. What a pleasant surprise!

In all, we were extremely pleased with the results and cannot thank you enough to have given us a new and spacious home, filled with charm and comfort.

Thank you.”

Andre Lazorenko


Attention to: Branko Mizerit, Designer and project manager

Re: Design of Dr. I.A. Mendleson & Assoc. Optometrist space

Going from a poorly designed and average looking space to a most creative, very functional and contemporary one was quite a shift and adjustment.

You have created an unique and very inviting place for our clients to come and experience our professional services. Everyone who comes to us is totally taken by our new and creative space. The shapes and the colours of the interior units, which you custom designed, are bold but extremely well balanced, and speak of success.

It is a pleasure to see our clients interacting with the space as they walk around to view the glass display panels. The custom designed glass display brackets are perfect, as they almost disappear and show off the glasses on display.

Our second location in Tantallon, which is somewhat smaller, also has a unique feel to it. Designed in a more traditional way, but still in a very forward thinking manner, you created a very imaginative place where our clients feel comfortable and at ease to come for exams and shop for their glasses.

You are an unusually creative designer, who goes out of his way to make sure that things are done the right way and according to your plans.

Thank you for making my business places a great experience for myself, my patients and clients.”

Dr. I. A. Irwin Mendleson

Dear Branko,

When we first met we were planning to renovate our residence to accommodate our new needs. After our first meeting we were very impressed with your knowledge and experience in the field of design and construction.

As we started to develop a concept for our new residence, you took us completely by surprise with your imagination and skill in creating a dream home, we had not even dared to imagine. The process became an incredible discovery about ourselves and our own lifestyle. We never imagined that designing a home would be so complex and reveling at the same time.

Your skills to incorporate our dream home into the existing building surpassed all our expectations and kept us excited until the end of the project.

We have lived in our new residence for two years now. We are totally content and are full of gratitude as we daily discover new things about the home, things you have thought of way ahead in the planning stage, things that are making our home so spacious but also so cozy and comfortable to live in.

Thank you for giving us this new dream home, which we love and cherish for its beauty and generosity.”

Om and Ella, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Dear Branko,

We cannot contain our enthusiasm for the house you have given us! Every day I think you and kiss and intend to phone you with my excitement. However, putting a few thoughts in writing is how I will try to express to you our gratitude for the magical life you have created for us. (Well, I’ll be looking to kiss you as well!!).

We knew you were capable of genial works. We knew we were in love with this property. The house, the landscaping, the overall design and the attention to detail have surpassed by far our fondest dreams.

Your understanding of space awes us daily. You have given us a tranquil master suite so well planned that it is impossible to have it look messy. You have turned us into entertainers because it is so easy here! The kitchen just takes over. Your love of light, of views (in all directions), is an ongoing joy.

All of this and you have made our home fun. Your endless passion for the project “Isn’t building a house fun?” Kept our spirits buoyed with yours.

We are indebted to you and very grateful for a lifestyle we cherish daily.

Thank you so much for giving so generously of your genius, talents, experience and dedication, not mention your time! You have given us a new treasure which cannot be described, but which is enjoyed as it reveals the many factors of its beauty and brilliance daily.

With affection & appreciation,

Thank you.”

Barbara & Bill

“Dear Branko,

My partner and I had been looking for a house in Halifax for some 
time, and the moment we stepped into your design on Berlin Street, we 
knew it was the one – and the only one like it.

This was an interesting project for you, I suspect: acquiring a tiny 
postwar bungalow in the west end and transforming the footprint into a 
family home. But it is the combination of modern style and older 
neighbourhood which suits us.

It’s difficult to enumerate all the things we love about this house. 
The double window rising the length of the main staircase, which means 
we can see the sky from any angle. Indeed, the windows throughout, 
which make the house feel as connected to the outside as a place of 
respite within. The visual juxtaposition of bright light and wonderful 
dark flooring; of modern style in clean lines inside, and a quiet 
respect for the streetscape in scale and presentation. The superior 
amenities, from showers to the kitchen. Even the lot, carefully but 
quietly landscaped.

We think this is a lovely, stimulating, thoughtful, and unique design.

Best wishes,”

Claire Campbell and Anthony Stewart