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A Triangular Home

Never be afraid of  ” Odd Shaped ”  lots or properties. Most of the time they offer great opportunities for designers and architects to come up with extraordinary design ideas and shapes to accommodate both the resident owners needs, as well as the property, and still stay within the zoning bylaws and regulations.

This residence occupies 2400 square feet living space over 4 levels and has a 700 square feet private roof top deck with gardens and trees designed for relaxing and entertaining. The Main entrance at the street level was designed to also accomodate a protected carport for two cars.

Odd shaped properties, especially if they are small in size, are a perfect platform for designers, architects, interior designers as well as landscape architects to play and be creative. Odd shaped lots are most of the time also less expensive to purchase because many people have difficulty visualizing a home on them.

Do not be afraid to purchase an odd shaped lot, just make sure that you get a creative designer or architect to design your home for you. Odd shaped homes have lots of character and are fun to live in.  Be BOLD and  Good  luck !3d redering 3


Many designers, architects, Interior Designers, Decorators and especially Owners of a house, condo, apartment, store etc. are very cautious to think outside the box and stand out from the rest of the group. If it looks old, it is established and safe.

What has happened to today’s Creativity??????
Is our generation not capable to come up with new ideas and creative design concepts to fulfill our needs?

The opposite is the truth!!!!!
We are more intelligent, have much more information at our finger tips, have much more materials and manufacturing processes to work with, much more skills to play with and much more complex demands than ever in the past.

Let’s be bold, lets stand out, let’s be US, let’s not be afraid to show everyone who we are, what we like, what we desire, what we dream off. Lets design of our spaces to be CREATIVE and also reflect our thoughts and feelings. Lets expose ourselves, our good and bad sides and be proud of it. No one is perfect, so why pretend… bold, be you and enjoy being true to yourself.

It is time to stand up, design and create our spaces without holding back and say:


Buildings are integrated spaces, designed to accommodate particular functions as well as create atmosphere and feelings. Like living organisms, they represent intricate processes, qualities and their interactions.

Be it a high-rise or an igloo, buildings are Micro Worlds on their own. Small or large, they are self contained Bubbles, in which humans live, work, play, are born or die. We are all equal in our rights to be different. Each one of us is unique, and outside of our basic needs we all have our own way of doing things, our own likes and dislikes.

To create the RIGHT SPACE in which all these interactions and feelings take place, is an art in itself.

At AmaDesCo (Amalgamated Design & Contracting Ltd.), we understand this art of creating places in which, even on most difficult site locations, the collaboration of FUNCTION, FORM and BEHAVIOUR is pushed to its highest limits. Without imposing a style on either the space or the client, we design and create buildings from inside out, blending the outside with its larger surroundings. We approach every assignment, be it commercial or residential, with an open mind and a love for detail.