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Ridge Road Residence

Designed and built in 1975, this residence was designed to offer a contemporary living style in a country type surrounding. Built on a farm land lot and surrounded by the forest, this residence stands like a multi angled wooden sculpture, which seamed to have grown out of the ground. Large glass panels invite the exterior environment into the indoor spaces thus connecting and expanding the living space into the natural outdoors.

This contemporary residence is an assembly of cubistic shapes and spaces interwoven to create an exciting multi-level three dimensional interior living environment. The pre-constructed exterior wall panels have been delivered to the site and assembled in place. The free standing 20 feet tall granite fireplace located in the middle seating room levels has extended section for grilling and BBQ cooking at the lower level. The granite rocks have been selected from the neighboring environment and add to the natural feel of the interiors. The exterior siding as well as the interior trim work has been stained to blend with the natural setting.

Approximately forty trees, some 30 feet in height, have been transplanted from the neighboring forest to create an instant landscape around the residence.

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