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Communicating with clients, contractors and workers 

Planning & Design

Incorporating his background and knowledge of special functions with his talents as an artist, he can create spaces like no one else. 


As a project manager, he is a person who inspires others to go beyond their standard performance.

Branko F. Mizerit

A Creative and Innovative Individual with very unique combination of Talents, Knowledge and Experience.


Educated in Europe, Mr Mizerit studied Design and Architecture in Germany. His participation in national competitions for  projects with the firm Interplan, gave him a great insight and experience in competing and working on large projects. The commitment to innovative design and his love for detail singled Mr. Mizerit out from the more traditional and average type design groups. His three dimensional vision of space is quite unique and precise. He is a person who can create and/or transform a building, Interior spaces as well as the Outdoor Surrounding into a master piece that will WOW the public and professionals alike.

Mr. Mizerit’s creative, innovative and progressive thinking has given him a strong base to come from when designing interior spaces. Incorporating his background, knowledge of special functions with his talents as an artist he can create spaces like no one else. His approach to spatial design is always multy-directional, integrating the interior with the exterior. He uses Feng Shui principles to help create an efficient and balanced spatial energy flow and his own theories to create proper spatial functions and the right atmosphere.

Environmental Designer

Mr. Mizerit Studied Environmental Design at NASCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia. His commitment to preserve nature and to help nature to improve itself comes to him very naturally and from within. Spending part of his early life in the southern part of Adriatic See created an opportunity for him to learn and experience the wonders of nature and its natural beauty. This love for nature has stayed with him to this day. He sees nature as natural art and uses his abilities as an artist to create and integrate natural environments with manmade environments.

Project Manager

With his very extensive and diverse knowledge as well as a long practical experience, Mr. Mizerit is a person who is always on the lookout to make things simpler, quicker and achieve the best possible quality. Educated in Germany, he learned to be organized and efficient in his work.

Mr. Mizerit’s hands on knowledge and experience in all construction disciplines gives him a great advantage in bringing his ideas across, communicate with his clients, contractors and workers as well as getting things done the right way, first time around. As a project manager, he is a person who inspires others to go beyond their standard performance. Workers and Professionals alike enjoy working with him and for him; they have a great respect for his knowledge and honesty.