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Rotting trailerBelieve it or not…Cutting corners when building and/or renovating can cost you a fortune down the road.

Be it a trailer or a multimillion dollar home, it all comes down to doing things right first time around.

The best answer to saving money is to SIMPLIFY THINGS, but still do them right.

Unless you really know what you are doing, the worst thing you can do to destroy your home, is to start fixing things yourself. Most everyone will say: “well, it can’t be that complicated, everybody is doing it…it is a great way to save money”.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!!

Nature has its beautiful way of destroying things if they are not protected properly, especially when it comes to wood construction.

A small mistake  can ruin your roof, house sheeting, framing, walls, floors, floor joists, windows, doors, anything that is not protected properly.

For your own sake….inform yourself, get the right people to fix and build things, it will save you money and your sanity.

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