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I personally like the twisted buildings called the “Marilyn Munroe Skyscraper” in Mississauga, Ontario.

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CasaDante_1It’s difficult to capture the brightness and brilliance of natural daylight using artificial light.  However, today artificial light can be manipulated in such a way as to closely match natural light when and where necessary.

There is a trend toward using as much natural light as possible in our buildings and spaces, and I am in agreement with that direction.  I would suggest, however, that artificial light be considered for spaces within our buildings where it is difficult to capture the brilliance of natural light.  Artificial light can also be used to enhance natural light on days when natural daylight appears dim and clouded.

The following are a few ways to ensure you get the most out of your lighting:

  • Do your homework; research the types of lighting that are available
  • Seek the advice of an expert in lighting
  • Use a dimmer to create ambience
  • Use energy saving lamps
  • Ensure the lighting you choose matches your interior space
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Deacen St DSC03621It is difficult to reproduce natural daylight. Depending on where you are in the world, will depend on the clarity of light.  Sadly, we often overlook natural light.

Artificial light can be manipulated to whatever intensity you desire. Today we can create spaces that closely match that of natural light.   Artificial light should not replace natural light where possible, but cannot be overlooked.

There is a place for artificial light, however energy efficient homes use more natural light and thus have less need for artificial light.

Bottom line, you want good lighting in your home and both natural light and artificial light can make your home much more vibrant and welcoming.

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Rotting trailerBelieve it or not…Cutting corners when building and/or renovating can cost you a fortune down the road.

Be it a trailer or a multimillion dollar home, it all comes down to doing things right first time around.

The best answer to saving money is to SIMPLIFY THINGS, but still do them right.

Unless you really know what you are doing, the worst thing you can do to destroy your home, is to start fixing things yourself. Most everyone will say: “well, it can’t be that complicated, everybody is doing it…it is a great way to save money”.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!!

Nature has its beautiful way of destroying things if they are not protected properly, especially when it comes to wood construction.

A small mistake  can ruin your roof, house sheeting, framing, walls, floors, floor joists, windows, doors, anything that is not protected properly.

For your own sake….inform yourself, get the right people to fix and build things, it will save you money and your sanity.

Remodeling and Home Design
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DSC00812Saving money in hiring inexpensive or bad contractors (or friends with good intentions) will cost you exponentially more to get their mistakes, as well as their bad or poor work fixed.

Be it a million dollar home or a trailer, bad contractors will make a mess of it and run with your money. Be aware of Contractors who are known to cut corners. Their motto is usually: Nail it, smear over it and run!

There are also Contractors out there who will bid a low quote, just to get the job and then flood you with extras. Make sure to read the fine print or find out what is not included in their quote or check allowances for specific items. They can be way too low to complete the job.

Check out who you intend to hire to do your work before hiring them:

  • Check out their work history
  • Talk to at least three of their clients
  • Go and check out their work yourself
  • Make sure that there is no misunderstanding as to what needs to be done
  • Be very specific and detailed with your requests
  • Get two or three quotes

There are also great contractors out there who will know what to do, how to do it right the first time and make the finished product look professional. They are usually more expensive, but their work is, without question, worth the extra cost. Good work does take more time to complete than work that is done by cutting corners.

Take your time to hire a good contractor…

It pays off every time !!!!!

A Triangular Home

Never be afraid of  ” Odd Shaped ”  lots or properties. Most of the time they offer great opportunities for designers and architects to come up with extraordinary design ideas and shapes to accommodate both the resident owners needs, as well as the property, and still stay within the zoning bylaws and regulations.

This residence occupies 2400 square feet living space over 4 levels and has a 700 square feet private roof top deck with gardens and trees designed for relaxing and entertaining. The Main entrance at the street level was designed to also accomodate a protected carport for two cars.

Odd shaped properties, especially if they are small in size, are a perfect platform for designers, architects, interior designers as well as landscape architects to play and be creative. Odd shaped lots are most of the time also less expensive to purchase because many people have difficulty visualizing a home on them.

Do not be afraid to purchase an odd shaped lot, just make sure that you get a creative designer or architect to design your home for you. Odd shaped homes have lots of character and are fun to live in.  Be BOLD and  Good  luck !3d redering 3

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