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Protect your renovation investment

4 ways to protect your renovation investment

Your decision for renovation may be driven by your lifestyle and a personal desire to upgrade. Your home might be the most valuable asset you own. Renovation is an opportunity to protect your investment, and enhance the value of your home. Here are 4 ways to protect your renovation investment:

  1. Neighbourhood Compatibility – Renovating your home to include features that are common in your neighbourhood will increase its value. It’s good to bring your home up to par with others nearby—but you don’t want your renovations to make your home the most expensive on the street.
  2. Good Design – A well-designed renovation will add greater appeal and value to your home. Spatial considerations are key which include traffic flow, visual flow from one area to another, size of rooms and ease of furnishing them, integrating new construction seamlessly with the existing home.
  3. Doing it Right – There is no substitute for quality work to protect your investment. Hire a professional general contractor who has the appropriate experience and the skills for your project and the work will be done right.
  4. Green Renovations – Increasing the energy and water-use efficiency of your home has both immediate and long-term pay-offs. You will start saving money on your utility bills as soon as the new systems have been installed. By “greening” your home, you will also increase its value because today’s marketplace puts a premium on energy-efficient homes.

How would you feel about living in a triangular home, designed on a very odd shaped lot.

I just finished designing it, using the disadvantages to my advantage. One does not even know that it is triangular until walking around the property. It has a carport for two cars and roof deck for entertaining and/or sun tanning, with a garden area and trees.

For me, this has been a very exciting contemporary architectural and interior design project, and when completed I have hopes that it will be published in architectural and design magazines.


Many designers, architects, Interior Designers, Decorators and especially Owners of a house, condo, apartment, store etc. are very cautious to think outside the box and stand out from the rest of the group. If it looks old, it is established and safe.

What has happened to today’s Creativity??????
Is our generation not capable to come up with new ideas and creative design concepts to fulfill our needs?

The opposite is the truth!!!!!
We are more intelligent, have much more information at our finger tips, have much more materials and manufacturing processes to work with, much more skills to play with and much more complex demands than ever in the past.

Let’s be bold, lets stand out, let’s be US, let’s not be afraid to show everyone who we are, what we like, what we desire, what we dream off. Lets design of our spaces to be CREATIVE and also reflect our thoughts and feelings. Lets expose ourselves, our good and bad sides and be proud of it. No one is perfect, so why pretend… bold, be you and enjoy being true to yourself.

It is time to stand up, design and create our spaces without holding back and say:

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Architects and Designers will say:

 LET THERE BE LIGHT ………….                 

Nothing is more important to our existence than the light we enjoy every day. It is not only what we see but also what we do not see that makes our living possible. We take it for granted as it comes to life every morning, no matter when and how we wake up and get up. Its physical and psychological powers are no match to anything else on this earth. It is also our most powerful and biggest source of free energy.

Architects and Designers have the power and ability to make our buildings and interior spaces filled with light, which in turns makes people that inhabit those spaces healthier, happier and more content.

Having ample of natural light in our spaces we occupy is often ignored and/or overlooked even by good designers and architects as they are heavily influenced by the bottom line of project costs. More exposure to light is most of the time connected with higher costs of construction and yearly operating costs and therefore not looked upon very favorably by developers and/or project owners.

Nothing is more important than having ample natural light in the space we live, work and play. This is the area we should never compromise in. A space filled with light, helps us to be the best we can be.

So, let’s make sure that we create buildings and interior spaces with our sun in mind and not cater to project budgets that ignore our most important needs.


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Creating a building or a space in which we live, work and play, is the road to self discovery.

 We are in physical and emotional dialog with the place we occupy every moment of our lives. The space that we surround ourselves with has a much greater effect on us than we realize.  Any good architect or Interior designer knows, and will tell you, that a large part how we know ourselves is in relationship to that space and the way in which we occupy it.

We first shape our spaces and then the space we have created shapes us and influences us in every way, physically, intellectually and emotionally. We live in relationship with the space we have created and, be it good or bad, a building or interior space, that relationship provides a forum within which we come to know and direct ourselves.

The buildings or interior spaces we create are like micro worlds. Small or large, they are self-contained bubbles in which we live, work, play, are born or die. Each one of us is different and unique and we all have our own way of doing things; our likes and dislikes. To create the right building, place or a space in which all these interactions take place is an art in itself.

Many of us live in handicapped buildings and spaces because we do not take the time to create them. We live with and surround ourselves with twisted physical patterns and blocked energy flows, which in turn effect us day in and day out. Most of the time we are not even aware of it but in the long run, like it or not, we will be effected by it. Good architects and Interior designers are very much aware of this and can help their clients in creating a forum, which provides an open dialog of self discovery.

The space we inhibit, and everything within that space, holds our extended sense of self. Before creating our space, we need to take time to search deep within ourselves, intellectually, emotionally and physically. We need to question every need and want, every action, every behaviour, every performance, everything that makes us who we are. Only then we can start creating a clear physical and emotional picture in our minds as to what we represent to ourselves, the lifestyle we want to live and the space we want to create.

Creating a building, a place or interior space is the road to self discovery for both the client, his or her architect and/or interior designer.

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Have you ever entered a room or a space and felt: Uneasy, self-conscious, awkward or simply uncomfortable?

Have you ever entered a room or a space and for no particular reason felt totally at ease or even unconsciously said to yourself: “There is something really comfortable about this place, it feels good, it feels right” ?

A Place can greatly influence the people who occupy it. Consciously or subconsciously, the space in which we Work, Live and Play has much greater impact and effect on us than we can imagine.

Space we occupy is like a living organism with very sensitive and highly interconnected functions, forms and energy flows. All these factors play in concert to either create a balance or a chaos in our place, which in turn strongly effect our well being.


Buildings are integrated spaces, designed to accommodate particular functions as well as create atmosphere and feelings. Like living organisms, they represent intricate processes, qualities and their interactions.

Be it a high-rise or an igloo, buildings are Micro Worlds on their own. Small or large, they are self contained Bubbles, in which humans live, work, play, are born or die. We are all equal in our rights to be different. Each one of us is unique, and outside of our basic needs we all have our own way of doing things, our own likes and dislikes.

To create the RIGHT SPACE in which all these interactions and feelings take place, is an art in itself.

At AmaDesCo (Amalgamated Design & Contracting Ltd.), we understand this art of creating places in which, even on most difficult site locations, the collaboration of FUNCTION, FORM and BEHAVIOUR is pushed to its highest limits. Without imposing a style on either the space or the client, we design and create buildings from inside out, blending the outside with its larger surroundings. We approach every assignment, be it commercial or residential, with an open mind and a love for detail.

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Interior Space is a living organism, a self-contained environment in which every detail, every color, texture, and shape, every cultural reference, contributes to a larger whole. It both reflects and reinforces the personalities of the people who live and work within.

That is why at AmaDesCo (Amalgamated Design & Contracting Ltd.) we approach every interior space assignment, be it commercial, industrial or residential, with an open mind and an obsession for detail. Our firm is also dedicated to creating healthy and pollutant free environments.

We do not impose a style on either the space or the client. While we favour contemporary interpretations, we begin with a strong cultural perspective and take particular pleasure in introducing natural components as well as art and lighting effects to create the ideal atmosphere.

Whatever the look, casual or sophisticated, nothing is accidental. Logical patterns and spaces of useful proportions are in fact, a science unto themselves. We know this science very well and solve unique challenges through custom built-in interior units, furniture, furniture clusters, interior art, backgrounds, displays, signage and lighting effects.

When all these elements are brought together, the result is the ultimate in productiveness, enjoyment, and harmony. CoDesCo Production House provides professional Interior Design, Space Planning, Contracting and Construction services in areas of: