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DSC00812Saving money in hiring inexpensive or bad contractors (or friends with good intentions) will cost you exponentially more to get their mistakes, as well as their bad or poor work fixed.

Be it a million dollar home or a trailer, bad contractors will make a mess of it and run with your money. Be aware of Contractors who are known to cut corners. Their motto is usually: Nail it, smear over it and run!

There are also Contractors out there who will bid a low quote, just to get the job and then flood you with extras. Make sure to read the fine print or find out what is not included in their quote or check allowances for specific items. They can be way too low to complete the job.

Check out who you intend to hire to do your work before hiring them:

  • Check out their work history
  • Talk to at least three of their clients
  • Go and check out their work yourself
  • Make sure that there is no misunderstanding as to what needs to be done
  • Be very specific and detailed with your requests
  • Get two or three quotes

There are also great contractors out there who will know what to do, how to do it right the first time and make the finished product look professional. They are usually more expensive, but their work is, without question, worth the extra cost. Good work does take more time to complete than work that is done by cutting corners.

Take your time to hire a good contractor…

It pays off every time !!!!!


  1. Julie Sherriff | August 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Branko wrote this post as he and I are helping my parents deal with the reality of bad work done on their trailer. They’ve lived in their trailer for 30 years and have recently realized that a lot of the work they have had done, or they’ve done themselves, has caused their trailer to rot! It has been devastating for them. Branko and I are now travelling back and forth to my parent’s home to fix the mess. The show “Holm on Homes” is on air for a reason…even intelligent people can hire the wrong people.

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