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Creating a building or a space in which we live, work and play, is the road to self discovery.

 We are in physical and emotional dialog with the place we occupy every moment of our lives. The space that we surround ourselves with has a much greater effect on us than we realize.  Any good architect or Interior designer knows, and will tell you, that a large part how we know ourselves is in relationship to that space and the way in which we occupy it.

We first shape our spaces and then the space we have created shapes us and influences us in every way, physically, intellectually and emotionally. We live in relationship with the space we have created and, be it good or bad, a building or interior space, that relationship provides a forum within which we come to know and direct ourselves.

The buildings or interior spaces we create are like micro worlds. Small or large, they are self-contained bubbles in which we live, work, play, are born or die. Each one of us is different and unique and we all have our own way of doing things; our likes and dislikes. To create the right building, place or a space in which all these interactions take place is an art in itself.

Many of us live in handicapped buildings and spaces because we do not take the time to create them. We live with and surround ourselves with twisted physical patterns and blocked energy flows, which in turn effect us day in and day out. Most of the time we are not even aware of it but in the long run, like it or not, we will be effected by it. Good architects and Interior designers are very much aware of this and can help their clients in creating a forum, which provides an open dialog of self discovery.

The space we inhibit, and everything within that space, holds our extended sense of self. Before creating our space, we need to take time to search deep within ourselves, intellectually, emotionally and physically. We need to question every need and want, every action, every behaviour, every performance, everything that makes us who we are. Only then we can start creating a clear physical and emotional picture in our minds as to what we represent to ourselves, the lifestyle we want to live and the space we want to create.

Creating a building, a place or interior space is the road to self discovery for both the client, his or her architect and/or interior designer.

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