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Architects and Designers will say:

 LET THERE BE LIGHT ………….                 

Nothing is more important to our existence than the light we enjoy every day. It is not only what we see but also what we do not see that makes our living possible. We take it for granted as it comes to life every morning, no matter when and how we wake up and get up. Its physical and psychological powers are no match to anything else on this earth. It is also our most powerful and biggest source of free energy.

Architects and Designers have the power and ability to make our buildings and interior spaces filled with light, which in turns makes people that inhabit those spaces healthier, happier and more content.

Having ample of natural light in our spaces we occupy is often ignored and/or overlooked even by good designers and architects as they are heavily influenced by the bottom line of project costs. More exposure to light is most of the time connected with higher costs of construction and yearly operating costs and therefore not looked upon very favorably by developers and/or project owners.

Nothing is more important than having ample natural light in the space we live, work and play. This is the area we should never compromise in. A space filled with light, helps us to be the best we can be.

So, let’s make sure that we create buildings and interior spaces with our sun in mind and not cater to project budgets that ignore our most important needs.